About MyJaninay

Janine Ramirez

Basically, I’m a dorky-strange lady setting off to discover the world and my place in it.

Why follow my blog?

I don’t know. It would have more to do with you than me, I think. I’ll be documenting my travels and I will give you information you might need, but nothing you can’t find elsewhere in this humongous world wide web. What makes my blog different is, well, me – how I do things (like how I outline all the information) and my perspective. But in a world filled with unique individuals, I find that uniqueness and originality has lost its value.

And so. Following my blog would have more to do with you and whether or not you find me entertaining enough to watch and see and read. It boils down to your preference. So just check out a few of my posts so you can decide whether or not I’m worth your time. 😀

3 thoughts on “About MyJaninay”

  1. This is a super amazing blog. I will be sure to follow you throughout your adventures Ms. Janinay. Can’t wait for your posts. Are you posting something soon? Don’t mean to rush you. But are you posting something again today? How bout tomorrow? I’m just really excited..

  2. All that glitter is not gold…. sometimes its a small lady with great acts ! thank you Ms. Janinay, I’m really honored to follow you…


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