About FindingMyJaninay.com

FindingMyJaninay.com exists to chronicle my misadventures as I search for pieces of myself all around the world, in my corner-less mind, and across the boundless internet.

A bit of a background… After earning my degree in (Business) Management, I managed to zigzag through a number of careers from advertising and marketing to a gig introducing music videos on television.

My assortment of jobs jammed with my unconventional childhood makes for an interesting life with loads of amusing thoughts about the universe. (I keep me entertained, at least.)

I started this blog as I was diving headfirst into a job that took me away from Manila (the place I’ve lived in my entire life), teleporting me across the globe.

Sadly, I didn’t have the time or the drive to blog. There was just too much to do and see! Plus, there’s the need for sleep. I love sleeping. (Excuses, excuses.)

Great thing about a blog is it’s always there whenever you do decide to write something down. So. Yeah. Let’s see how it goes!

(I should update this video…)

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