Travel with me for free, maybe?

My goal this year was to jumpstart my career working for causes and for positive change in the world.

I believe I’ve made strides by doing a whole bunch of everything in GET. It’s a great start. And although it’s extremely taxing, I am still crazy committed to pursue a career in development.

But I will admit, I miss traveling.

Writing this post reminded me of my 2010 trip to Bohol. Why? Read on and find out! (Photo by Andrew Romualdez)

My mom, sister, and ninong (godfather) just flew to Dubai and I’m so inggit (envious)! So what do I do? I Google. (Research helps me deal with my emotions. Thank you, interwebs! HAHA!)

Doing a bunch of research on how to travel for free, I came across the idea of “Volunteer Travel”. Exciting!

There are actual travel tours that incorporate volunteerism in the package! Check out Contiki or Volunteer Travels for cheap travel and immersion: take care of animals in a nature reserve, help educate orphans, or join environmental projects – in South America, Europe, or somewhere closer to home!

Spending time immersed in a foreign culture does wonders to your perspective. Imagine actually getting your hands dirty and becoming part of a solution instead of just complaining about a problem? I’m certain that would be an enlightening and an empowering experience. I would lurrrrve to be a part of that!

Green Cross Total Defense's Do Good Get Dirty Campaign
Green Cross Total Defense’s Do Good Get Dirty Campaign (Click on the image to link to the website.)

Since I’m on a TIGHT budget, I found the perrrrrfect option. Plus you might be able to come, too, because it’s for free. 🙂

I came across the Do Good Get Dirty campaign of Green Cross. And just in time, too! (I think you can only submit entries until October 3) You just have to submit a short video for a chance to travel for free as a volunteer. How awesome is that?

I’ll have to choose a destination, though. You can pick from 3. I’m still deciding between Siquijor and Sarangani (since I’ve already been to Puerto Prinsesa)… What do you think?

Here’s me (early in the morning) with an equally sleepy tarsier! (Photo by Andrew Romualdez)

Mount Matutum, Sarangani: Tarsier Sanctuary

Yes! There are tarsiers outside of Bohol. And Endangered Species International is working with the local tribe to protect the tarsiers and their habitat.

Siquijor: APO Island Marine Sanctuary

First off, it’s in Siquijor – a place known for their aswang (a mythical monster in the Philippines). The scare-factor alone entices me! And I’m in need of a tan… So. I’m leaning towards this one. HEEHEE.

In truth, either one would be awesome. Environmental Conservation is a cause close to my heart and I should do more to support it. It’s not like mother nature has a voice we can literally understand; it’s not as if wildlife can represent itself and voice out concerns to government or the U.N.. And, being Filipino, it’s one of the few remaining things that make me proud of my country – the Philippines’ natural beauty.

If you’re interested in joining, let me know! We can support each other by voting and liking each others’ videos and things like that. It would be cool to go on such a meaningful trip with strangers that can turn out to be wonderful friends. 🙂

Me pretending to be a tarsier. :p (Photo by Andrew Romualdez)

2 thoughts on “Travel with me for free, maybe?”

  1. I am proud of my daughter. I couldn’t have asked for a better daughter and human being. As a parent you can’t wish for anything more. I love you my Janinay. Thank you for being who you are. : )

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