Getting the gears rolling…

I haven’t written here in lightyears! Initially, I thought I’d keep a blog while I go off to different worlds. But I’ve been to the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Italy, Japan… and I haven’t posted a thing on “FindingMyJaninay”!!!

But, oh, what adventures I’ve been having! Nothing glamorous. But luxury doesn’t really appeal to me, anyway.

It’s immersion. It’s the constant observation. Reflection. Frustration. Enlightenment. Losing. Finding. Building. Breaking. Such is life and work and travel!!!

A few things… has expired because, well, I let it! Haha! And since I’m not reliable enough to maintain the blog, I’ll just stick to the plain wordpress site:

Second, I need to freaking write my articles for work but it’s just soooo harddd to get started which is why I’m doing this instead. HAY. Procrastination is the best motivation for anything but the things you’re supposed to be doing. HAHAHA.

Lastly, I should write here more often. Any time I have a thought… I actually have loads! I have ideas for what to write and they’re all in my head or outlined in a notebook or sumn sumn. So I should get at it. 🙂 I SHALL. I have time later this week once I wrap up my report for work. YEAY!

Third, I’m leaving Japan in 5 days. And it’s bittersweet. I quite like it here (said with British accent and pinky up). I guess I should write about that, too.


4 thoughts on “Getting the gears rolling…”

  1. I do hope you write more often. to be both honest and shy about it, I have been checking FindingMyJaninay at least twice in a month since your last post! 🙂 I’ve missed you on WordPress! Welcome back!

    1. Oh, wow! I’m flattered. AHIHIHI. YES. I will write again. And this message will be one of the reasons why. ❤ Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and Instagram are great. But sometimes I feel it traps my mind in one-liners!
      Anywho, thanks a buncheroo for this comment. 😀

  2. Hi Janine. Just wanted to thank you for inspiring me to go back to writing my own blog. Looking forward to reading your future posts. Thanks again 🙂

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