Showering Kite Thoughts

“So tired of living like a kite.”

A magnificent sky welcomes me home.
(MyJaninay on Instagram)

Such strange things, these kites are.You watch them from the ground and see them swaying about in the air as if dancing with the breeze. They look so peaceful and graceful, fluttering about.

But allowing a warm shower to get those gears in my head turning has helped me draw a curious conclusion – that, assuming kites were conscious, they must be extremely frustrated. (I would be.)

You’re in flight, yes. You see it all. You feel and hear the wind pushing you up. But what keeps you up? What keeps you there?

The wind pushing against a tugging string holds you in a constant state of limbo. There is so much tension involved – the wind and a tugging man at odds.

It’s the fight that keeps you in flight.

And from that statement, I can go on and on about how life could be a constant fight and about my constant dreams of just letting go and letting the wind take me wherever…

But I shall cut myself free from that tension and listen to the song that got me thinking of kites in the first place.

The High Highs – Open Season

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